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Trusting your information is everything!

Successful information management is much more than business intelligence, planning and data warehouse technology. It is important that an organisation strives to be “information led”, leveraging information to achieve an advantage. Rather than being a consumer of information, purely used to run the organisation.

Of course having the right platform of information management technology is an extremely important component; it needs to provide a broad and functional set of business intelligence, performance management and data warehousing tools. However just as important is the expertise to turn this into a successful information management solution, driving tangible value. This is CDP’s only focus – we are information management specialists!

Common information problems:


Inconsistencies in data and reports create a deep mistrust in the organisations information


Multiple complex reports slow access to key information and a clear overall picture


Data isn’t consistently described causing confusion and errors


Combining data for reporting and planning is unreliable, overly complex and prone to errors

Combine IBM’s market leading information management platform, with CDP’s experience in the development of these solutions and we know we can add significant value to your business. Problems addressed with information management solutions are a complex blend of business process and technology. It is critical to understand the business application and therefore value of information to the business before the correct data architecture can be designed.
CDP’s experience is based on the design approach we take; a proven, reliable methodology results in successful high value information management projects. With the business understanding, leveraging existing information assets and an open and scalable platform of tools, CDP can work with you to create an integrated information strategy. The benefit to the organisation – creating trusted information and generating business value into the future. Get in contact with us if you would like to know more.

Information management data life cycle

The information management life cycle consists of the following components:

Data Lifecycle