CDP Group: IBM Cognos

The diagram below shows the personal
and professional attributes that CDP value.

CDP Group Limited at a glance

  • The company’s registered name: CDP Group Limited
  • The number of years in business: 33
  • Subsidiaries: CDP Solutions UK
  • The number of customers in New Zealand: 300+ clients
  • Location of offices: Auckland, Wellington, and London
  • Total Staff: 30
  • Key technology: IBM Cognos
  • Supporting Technology: IBM, Microsoft, Oracle

About CDP

With over 30 years’ experience solving the data issues of New Zealand’s largest organisations, CDP has emerged as a leader in creating performance management solutions. Our reputation is based on proven expertise and the best-of-breed products we represent. We use all components of the IBM Information Management platform in our projects including IBM Cognos; IBM InfoSphere products; and IBM Optim. In addition we represent SPSS Data Mining, Statistical Analysis and Predictive Analytics solutions in New Zealand.

The value we offer our customers is to enable perceptive business insight. This means providing operational areas of the organisation with faster, more accurate data, allowing them to make clear, informed decisions.

Improving performance requires the ability to have a transparent view of historic information, and the ability to predict and model future performance. This capability needs to be driven by a consistent, integrated platform of Information Management tools with the scalability to reach across the enterprise.

CDP have built up a large amount of experience in delivering solutions focused around meeting business requirements. Our belief and experience is that there must be a continuity of design between all parts of the solution from the Data Warehouse, Planning Applications and Business Intelligence to the end users.

Our approach is “Do it once and do it right”, which doesn’t necessarily mean spending much more in the implementation to provide a solution that is cheaper and easier to maintain, and provides a business focused solution. Of our expert team of 38, over 25 are dedicated to on-going customer support. From our offices in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and London we offer relationship management, customer support, training and consulting for CDP’s 250 plus clients.

Our commitment

We have identified 3 key values, fundamental to our company culture, staff and client relationships.

Firstly CDP people have a thirst for knowledge; they are keen to explore news ways in which our technology can be utilised therefore ensuring our clients are getting the greatest return on their investment and greater levels of effectiveness. In addition, as a company we have a tenacious attitude towards our clients problems and we will persevere to the point an objective is achieved and expectations have been met. Finally, receiving good service is expected in our industry; however CDP is continually refining its processes and systems to ensure we offer superior service to all our clients.

Our commitment to our clients is to provide them with the most advanced, functional performance management solutions available. To ensure their solution is working hard for them and to persevere until it does. And to ensure that through all of their dealings with CDP, they receive the highest level of customer service.

Meet the CDP Group executive team

The CDP Executive Team consists of Craig Catley based in the Wellington office, Allen Keyte is in the Auckland office and Simon Lawrence heads up our international office in London, United Kingdom.


Craig Catley

Wellington - Director

With 14 years of information technology sales experience including enterprise resoturce planning, business process management, document management and systems integration, Craig is concentrating on the continued growth of CDP’s presence in the New Zealand performance management market. In addition to sales, his responsibilities extend to the overall satisfaction of CDP’s 300 customers.

Allen Keyte

Allen Keyte

Auckland - Director

Allen’s focus is to continually refine and develop further CDP’s professional service and support organisation. To ensure that it always provides a complete performance management practice to our clients. Allen’s background is ideally suited, with over 13 years experience working in the corporate performance management, business intelligence and application development markets with IBM Cognos technology.

Simon Lawrence

Simon Lawrence

London - Director

Simon has more than 20 years experience in IT development and project management much of which was spent working for large UK-based multinational companies. He has worked exclusively on business intelligence and data warehousing applications for much of this time having designed his first dimensional database and analysis application in 1993. Simon joined CDP in 1995 and is now based in London where he runs CDP Group’s UK consulting services practice. Simon still actively works on client assignments, focussing on the planning and implementation of best-practise data warehousing and business intelligence solutions.

Our business partners

Those are the companies we work with to deliver information management solutions in Wellington, Auckland & Christchurch. We believe the key to success is to not only to have great people working at CDP but to work with great companies. We have chosen to surround ourselves with some of the best right here in New Zealand and overseas.

CDP Solutions

CDP Solutions is a specialist provider of business intelligence, performance management and data warehousing consultancy services based around the IBM Cognos toolset. Our UK-based team of experienced consultants is backed up by the support and software expertise of CDP Group, an IBM Premier Business Partner based in New Zealand.



StrategyBlocks is a new web-based software service, designed to help organisations successfully implement strategies. StrategyBlocks works by creating a unique relationship between great ideas, people and information.



Sentio has emerged as a leader in creating performance management solutions focused on SAP – including BusinessWarehouse (BW), BusinessObjects (BO) & Integrated Planning.



New Zealand Microsoft Business Intelligence & Microsoft SQL Server Data Warehousing consultants. Mero consultants pride themselves in delivering solutions that make a real difference to the business, not just a technical solution. Microsoft certification means that Mero’s consultants are well training and up to date with current technologies. Association with other industry groups also health strengthen the technical depth of our consultant team.



Along with having the necessary skills and experience to accomplish your objectives we have partnered up with some of the best in the business. Here’s what we bring to the table:

  • IBM NZ BUSINESS PARTNER, in association with Reseller News Awards 2010

  • IBM Supreme Winner
  • IBM Best Co-Marketing Highly Commended
  • IBM New Intelligence Winner




  • IBM NZ BUSINESS PARTNER, in association with Reseller News Awards 2009 

  • IBM New Intelligence Finalist
  • IBM Best Co-Markteting Winner

  • IBM NZ BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE PARTNER (ANZ), in association with Reseller News Awards 2009

  • IBM New Intelligence Finalist
  • IBM Best Co-Marketing Highly Winner

  • IBM NZ BUSINESS PARTNER, in association with Reseller News Awards 2008

  • IBM Information Management Winner

  • IBM NZ BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE PARTNER (ANZ), in association with Reseller News Awards 2008

  • IBM Information Management Winner