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Strategic management software

Research has shown by successfully implementing business strategies it requires you to connect strategy with:

Information and projects which support the corporate strategy

People who will execute these strategies

Successful strategies can arise from any division of a business, but usually there is not a tool in place to capture the vast wealth of information. Hoshin Kanri is a system which has been adopted and modified by StrategyBlocks which provides a consistent line of communication from bottom to top and vice versa. This effectively encourages employees to actively participate and to contribute towards all of the strategic goals of the company.

Strategic solutions made easy

StrategyBlocks was designed to help companies with the task of breaking their strategy down in smaller tasks, in this case “blocks”. By breaking down your overall vision (or mission statement) into progressively smaller and more manageable blocks, block by block you can more easily connect it with your operations. We have included features such as key strategic focus areas and tags which allow you to organise and filter aspects of the strategic vision allowing you to concentrate on aspect that are most important to you. Regardless of level or strategy there is always a clear line of how blocks interconnect with each other while showing accountability to the overall vision.

Cloud-based strategy software

The benefit of using StrategyBlocks as your strategic planning and strategy management software is there is nothing to install on your computer. StrategyBlocks is what’s known as Software as a Service (SaaS) which runs in the cloud, the only requirements are a web browser and the free Adobe Flash Player. Being web-based reduces the total cost of ownership as there is no additional IT administration costs, and the best part upgrades and backups happen automatically without any user intervention.

The importance of strategic planning in your business

It is strongly recommended (if not expected) that every business needs a strategic plan. However even the best strategic plan in the world is worthless unless it’s properly implemented. StrategyBlocks is a highly-visual yet dynamic strategic platform allowing you to change and update your plan as-and-when needed based on a highly changing marketplace.

Strategy management and strategic planning comes down to people

It is important for any business that employees feel motivated and empowered. The best way to accomplish this is to demonstrate how they are responsible and also accountable to the overall success of the business. StrategyBlocks easily allows for goal setting, monitoring strategic progress and providing feedback all in the context of strategic execution. This aligns everyone to the same vision.