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CDP’s focus is to implement and support technology systems that drive greater efficiency for our customers. These efficiencies are gained through greater financial performance and improved operational agility.

To meet the demands of a complete information strategy, what is required is a flexible, integrated information management platform. So what are the components of a complete information management platform? It can be broken down into 3 key categories of technology:

1Business Analytics: The presentation of information to business people

2Information Integration: Preparing data, transforming it ready for business analytics

3Data Management: Ensuring that the governance of information is in place

Business Analytics:

Business Intelligence; for integrated performance reporting, dashboarding and analysisIBM Cognos Business Intelligence
Enterprise Planning; business modelling capability for planning, forecasting and budgetingIBM Cognos TM1
Strategy Management; for strategic planning, communication and monitoring the health of strategyStrategyBlocks
Scorecarding; for key performance indicator reportingIBM Cognos Business Intelligence and StrategyBlocks
Predictive analytics; trend analysis, data mining and Predictive analyticsIBM Cognos SPSS

Information Integration:

Data warehousing; for the efficient staging and delivery of dataIBM Netezza
Master data management; creating a hub for customers, supplier and entity informationIBM MDM
Metadata data Management; translating technical metadata into business terminologyIBM InfoSphere Information Server
Data profiling and data cleansing; improving the quality and understanding of dataIBM InfoSphere Information Server
Extraction transformation loading; preparing data for business analyticsIBM InfoSphere Information Server
Change data capture; accessing data in real-time.IBM InfoSphere Information Server

Data Management:

Data lifecycle management; and archiving; governing data over its lifetime.IBM Optim Archiving
Test data management; manage cloned instances of data during developmentIBM Optim Test Data Management
Test data privacy; mask data to ensure the security of sensitive dataIBM Optim Test Data Privacy


Critical to the delivery of performance management systems, is the quality of the professional services needed to deliver the best solution. CDP is a full service provider covering all aspects of performance management project delivery. Please review our services methodology in the consulting section.

CDP’s consultants are widely experienced in the development and deployment of performance management solutions which allow users to easily extract critical information through data access, reporting, analysis and planning. Our consultants consistently deliver the highest productivity gains to the user, the most manageable solution to the administrator, and the fastest return on investment to the enterprise.

CDP offers market leading enabling technology to achieve this:

  • IBM Cognos Business Intelligence; for integrated performance reporting and analysis
  • IBM Cognos TM1; business modelling capability for planning, forecasting and budgeting
  • IBM Cognos SPSS; trend analysis and predicative analytics
  • IBM Infosphere Information Server; delivering data transformation, cleansing, migration and delivery
  • IBM Optim; managing data over its lifetime
  • StrategyBlocks; for strategic planning, communication and monitoring the health of strategy
  • Integeo; allowing spatial analysis for location analysis